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Sildenafil Citrate


Impotence (or Erectile dysfunction) is a purely male disease, which leads to the impossibility to cause or maintain an erection. Have Erectile dysfunction no certain chronological framework, it can occur in men at any age. Nevertheless, according to regular statistical research, it exposed to the greatest men in the age of 35-40 years of age and older. Around the world the percentage of suffering from this disorder reaches 40%.

Kamagra created in order to help the men in the fight against this disease.

Erectile dysfunction, as a rule, in addition to its physical background of upsets and psychological component of life of this or that individual, which, in turn, may cause complication or the emergence of many diseases, not necessarily related to reproductive function. Due to the occurrence of the disease, most men turn in on themselves, considering that this problem is of a strictly personal nature, in the future it leads to the emergence of chronic psychosomatic problems, which, not seldom break of life on the vine. Many believe that the exit from this situation does not, however, be aware that there is a way out! And this is Kamagra.

The main causes of this disorder are rooted in the psychological component of the life of this individual is a frequent stress, depression, etc. Causes can be related to physical damage to the penile area of the nervous system, blood vessels in the pelvic area, hormonal disorders and infectious diseases of the genitourinary system.

Kamagra is used to treat erectile dysfunction in men. Active substance Kamagra is sildenafil citrate. On the mechanism of action pills completely identical to the famous Viagra-and are produced by Indian pharmaceutical concern Ajanta Pharma.

After the reception of the tablet dissolves in the stomach, and the maximum effect is achieved in 30 to 90 minutes. Before planned sexual intercourse, is recommended to refrain from eating fatty foods and alcohol. The action of the drug lasts up to 4-6 hours. Numerous clinical studies Kamagra proved its high effectiveness in the treatment of impotence in men of any age. Kamagra Feedback that we receive from our customers, also it confirm the excellent results obtained by buyers after use.

Kamagra has no special restrictions to the taking. It cannot be made by men who have problems with blood vessels of the penis, and in General with the diseases of sexual sphere, in the presence of oncological diseases, disorders of the bowel, stomach, kidneys and liver. If there is a propensity to bleeding, the taking of the drug is also better to refuse.

The presence of contraindications directly concerned with the effects of sildenafil on the body. Getting into the body, he quickly absorbed, starting to provide on the blood vessels dilate the action. The blood flow increases, there is a rush of blood to the penis, which, in turn, implies a strong erection. However, unlike aphrodisiacs, the impact of Kamagra directly to the erection is not affected; it only stimulates the natural processes.

It is not important, what is the cause of male impotence: the psychological factor or physiological disorders of the body. No matter their shape and neglect. The task of the preparation is to intensify the natural reaction. In Kamagra concentrated the maximum and the optimal dose in 100 milligram, decrease or an increase in dose will not be excluded, but the preparation for such an adjustment is not suitable, since the conventional tablets. An independent increase in doses up to two chewing the tablets can result in higher Kamagra side effects, and sometimes and overdose.

Kamagra is capable of acting as a minimum of four hours, increasing the duration of the erection to five times. The drug is intended for use only by men.

In using the drug should take into account the possible emergence of Kamagra side effects. They are in their majority do not always pronounced and, as a rule, quickly, which is confirmed by the numerous kamagra Reviews. The possible negative reactions of the organism in the receiving the drug should be attributed the slight dizziness, skin person from the tides of blood, a slight headache. When the effects are clearly intensified, from taking the drug should be avoided, as this may be a sign of allergies on the components of the medicine.

Sometimes when you use Kamagra appears runny nose, back pain, aggravation of chronic diseases, a violation of colour, mistiness of view, photophobia, and others. If you previously did not take drugs generic Viagra, these phenomena are quite normal, as the body adapts to Sildenafil. If such reactions persist and continue to have a place in every admission resources, they require careful study and analysis. Refer to the doctor.

The use of any drugs to improve the potency involves testing. This will help not only to choose the optimum use level, but also to prevent negative consequences. It should be borne in mind that a number of drugs are not compatible with the taking of Kamagra. Such projects, in particular, include medicines that contain nitrates. Often the main purpose of such drugs is the treatment of heart disease, for example, angina pectoris. But in some cases, nitrates may be components of conventional drugs for treatment of angina, therefore, carefully consider the question of the compatibility of drugs.

  • It is not recommended to take Kamagra after use or in the process of use of alcohol. Sildenafil is hard to reconcile with alcohol. Best efficiency manifests itself in the taking Kamagra on an empty stomach.

Men older than age 65, or have problems with the kidneys, the liver, a lot of smokers, as well as those for whom an active sex life is not recommended, many doctors advise a smaller dose of Kamagra in particular 25-50 mg. Pill easily divided into two or four parts, to minimize the dose and monitor the impact of the active substance.

Store the medicine out of the reach of children.